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Tax Relief Solutions

Looking for tax relief solutions? We can help.

Our Tax Relief Services ease the various burdens caused by tax problems, such as active bank levies, excessive penalties, invasive audits, and disruptive tax liens. These services allow you to get back to living your life and/or running your business without the extra obstacles created by tax debt.

Levy Releases

If the IRS or State taxing authorities have threatened to issue or have recently issued levies (i.e. frozen your bank accounts, withdrawn funds from your accounts, garnished your wages, contacted your customers for payment, etc.) then it is important to act quickly to address the situation. Blueprint Resolution Services can get the levies released and conduct negotiations on your behalf to resolve your tax balances for good. Our tax professionals are very familiar with the governing standards and procedures regarding levy releases, which allows us to identify exactly what needs to be done to qualify you for a levy release.

Penalty Abatements

The determination of whether you qualify to have penalties reduced and/or removed requires a fact-intensive analysis by a tax professional who is familiar with the governing IRS and State standards on the particular type(s) of penalties involved. At Blueprint Resolution Services, we can review your situation and tax accounts in detail to provide our recommendation. Then, if you are a good candidate, we can prepare, submit, and negotiate the maximum abatement realistically available to you. We will not waste your time or money by promising penalty abatement when it is clearly unlikely to be successful.

Tax Lien Solutions

If tax liens are preventing you from operating your business effectively, obtaining financing, or buying/selling property, Blueprint Resolution Services can provide honest feedback on your available options to address the liens. Removing the liens entirely without any other action required is rarely an option, even though many tax companies promise exactly that to their clients. However, by having Blueprint Resolutions Services implement customized tax lien solutions for your situation, you can proceed with confidence knowing that you are on the right path to satisfaction, withdrawal, or discharge of the tax liens as soon as reasonably possible under your circumstances.

Audit Defenses

The audit process can be a daunting, intimidating experience. Further, without very well-organized documentation and well-researched arguments, the taxing authorities are likely to overstate what you should actually owe. Blueprint Resolution Services is here to facilitate a much more tolerable experience. We will engage the auditor and navigate the audit while making sure we organize and present your documentation in a manner that clearly lays out your position. We also make sure the information and arguments are actually reviewed completely and accurately by the auditor, which helps secure the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Ready to resolve your tax issues?

Whether you’re dealing with a pending issue with the IRS or a State Taxing Agency—or you just need guidance on how to get the most out of your taxes and bookkeeping—Blueprint Resolution Services is here to help.

Contact us today for a free consultation to determine whether our tax resolution services could be right for you.