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Tax Compliance Services

Need ongoing support with tax compliance? We can help.

Our Tax Compliance Services guide you in establishing and maintaining appropriate payroll, bookkeeping, and accounting practices to prevent additional issues in the future. These services ensure that once your tax issues are fixed, they will stay fixed. Whether we need to work with your existing team or implement a new team/system for you, our corporate tax compliance team can give you the confidence that your tax issues are behind you.

Payroll & Bookkeeping Consultations

Often times, business tax problems arise out of bookkeeping and payroll mistakes, a misunderstanding of reporting requirements, or the unfortunate failure of a trusted team member to maintain accurate books. At Blueprint Resolution Services, we can review and improve your internal bookkeeping and payroll practices to confirm that you are setup for success moving forward. We can also get you setup with one of the highly-regarded bookkeepers, payroll providers, or QuickBooks specialists at Blueprint or within our professional network, as appropriate, to ensure that you have competent help moving forward.

W-2 Employee & 1099 Independent Contractor Classifications

Making the determination of whether a particular worker is an employee or an independent contractor can be difficult due to the subjective nature of the governing standards. If one of the taxing authorities attempts to reclassify one or more of your independent contractors as employees, it can cost your business an enormous amount of time and money if not handled correctly. Blueprint Resolution Services is here to navigate that process for you to handle any pending issues regarding worker classification, as well as implement best practices to avoid issues in the future.

Tax Return Preparation

If you have missing returns, need to file an amended return, or have looming filing deadlines, Blueprint Resolution Services is here to help. We can prepare your returns in house, or, if it is more efficient to refer you to an outside accountant, we can direct you to one of the highly-regarded, licensed tax preparers within our professional network.

Ready to resolve your tax issues?

Whether you’re dealing with a pending issue with the IRS or a State Taxing Agency—or you just need guidance on how to get the most out of your taxes and bookkeeping—Blueprint Resolution Services is here to help.

Contact us today for a free consultation to determine whether our tax resolution services could be right for you.