Tax Debt Services

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Blueprint Resolution Services provides an array of tax debt services to assist our clients with their tax problems. Blueprint’s philosophy is to diagnose and address the root cause of each tax problem, rather than addressing only the symptoms of the issue. This approach to tax controversy services allows us to provide long term solutions to our clients that are designed to prevent similar issues in the future. Our “CRP” approach is embodied within all our service offerings:

Correct the present; Resolve the past; Preserve the future.” ™

Specifically, our tax debt services fall into the categories of tax resolution, tax relief, and tax compliance.

Tax Resolution

Addressing tax debt with formal repayment, settlement, or temporary non-payment agreements approved by the relevant taxing authorities.

Tax Relief

Alleviating immediate hardships caused by existing tax problems, such as bank levies, excessive penalties, invasive audits, and disruptive tax liens.

Tax Compliance

Establishing and maintaining improved bookkeeping and accounting practices to prevent additional issues in the future.

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Whether you’re dealing with a pending issue with the IRS or a State Taxing Agency—or you just need guidance on how to get the most out of your taxes and bookkeeping—Blueprint Resolution Services is here to help.

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